The Marine Eco Label – Japan
(MEL-J) Council

The Marine Eco Label – Japan (MEL-J) Council was established on December 2, 2016, taking over the entire project of the MEL Japan whose secretariat was placed in the Japan Fisheries Association.
The objectives of the project of this new Council are to raise the awareness of sustainable utilization of aquatic resources, significantly enhance the recognition of the Marine Eco Label – Japan (MEL-J), contribute to promotion of export of Japanese seafood, to be included in the Sustainable Sourcing Code for the village of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and, thereby, promote the recognition of the sustainability of Japanese seafood around the world.
MEL-J is also engaged in review of the articles, members’ code, complaints handling procedure, certification standards in order to address the concerns from stakeholders at home and abroad on lack of objectivity, independence, transparency.
For the objectives and activities of the Council, please refer to the articles.